about me.

I love everything about programming. As a software professional, I also like staying up to date with the latest technologies and methodologies by researching and experimenting.

I consider myself a Software Craftsman, always striving to deliver well-crafted software, constantly adding value. I am also a born team player who enjoys collaborating and building productive partnerships with my customers and colleagues.

I like writing about what I know, my research and the things I’m learning, and I hope one day this will help someone. Currently the topics I’m interested in are JavaScript, NodeJS, VueJS, APIs, Agile best practices, productivity, remote work, systems design and architecture.

Besides being curious about programming, I’m an animal lover (I have two dogs 🐶🐶 and a cat🐱) and sports lover ⚽.


I’ve been working in the software industry for more than ten years, along these years I worked in several industries, companies and technologies. From big companies like Accenture to startups like Betterez, likewise my own company where I learned not only tech stuff but many soft skills, business, team management, among others.

While studying at the university I was an assistant professor for “Programming Paradigms”. This experience made me realize the importance of teaching and learning, it is a rewarding journey.

contact me.

If you need help or a software developer for your project or if you have any doubts or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to contact me through email at fblind@gmail.com, LinkedIn or Github.